Thin section of Allosaurus toe bone

Dinosaur pathology

Using elemental mapping to study injuries in dinosaur bones.

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Elemental map of fossil leaf

50 million year old leaf metallome

Using synchrotron science we have been able to show the original bioaccumulated trace metals and organic sulphur contained within 50 million year old Green river fossil leaves. Studying the organic elements contained within the fossils gives us an understanding of their original biochemistry.

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Reconstruction of Confuciusornis plumage pattern

Fossil colour

New research into the chemical remains of colour in fossilised feathers has allowed us a rare insight into what they might have looked like in life

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FTIR map of fossil lizard skin

50 Million year old protein

Novel infra-red mapping techniques have allowed us not only to detect the remnants of proteins in 50 million year old lizard skin, but to map them too.

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Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource

Synchrotron Science

We do a lot of research using synchrotron radiation. Click the link below to find out more about how a synchrotron works and how we use it to analyse fossils.

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Royal Society Summer Exhibition

Royal Society Summer Exhibition

The team showcased their work at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition 2012.

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